9 de novembro de 2008

my mum

My mum:

  • is beautiful

  • is sweet

  • is an angel

  • is a friend

  • is a real mother

  • loves ABBA

  • loves her family

  • works a lot

  • usually don't cry

  • cares about other people

  • listen everyone

  • is always ready to help

  • will be young for the rest of her life

  • has her dreams

  • loves my dad

  • gives me everything

My mum is the best, the only mother I've ever wanted!

Thank you for everything and for being who you are :)

lovee you

2 comentários:

tanya disse...

I have to agree, she is the best mum in the world!!!

Anónimo disse...

desculpa lá, mas eu nao concordo! a melhor mae do mundo é a minha ahahah